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KADLEC Associates, Inc.
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Kadlec Associates, Inc. offers consulting engineering services only in the specialized field of corrosion control/cathodic protection. The staff of Kadlec Associates includes Registered Professional Corrosion Engineers, NACE Certified Corrosion Specialists, Cathodic Protection Specialists and Corrosion Technicians.

Projects include natural gas, petroleum, propane, ammonia and water pipelines, fuel and oil storage tanks, sewage facilities, power generating facilities, water storage tanks, steam lines, high temperature hot water lines, chilled water lines, sewage lift stations, hydraulic elevator and hoist cylinders, dock and pier structures, electric and communication cables, piles, reinforced concrete structures, floating structures and other facilities in underground, marine, fresh water and other environments.

Our firm provides cathodic protection programs, surveys, designs, installations, and special studies for major Natural Gas, Oil, and Pipeline Companies, Industrial and Institutional Organizations, Power Generating Stations and Engineering Firms.

We also have capabilities in close interval surveys, which provide a more detailed analysis of cathodic protection and coating effectiveness. Close interval surveys are a specialty of Kadlec Associates. We are a leader in this highly specialized discipline and have designed and built our own portable cathodic protection field computers. They are designed specifically for close interval cathodic protection surveys and allow us to perform these surveys to virtually any specification.

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