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Our capabilities include pipeline, utility and plant corrosion/cathodic protection services.

  Conventional drafting and CAD capabilities allow
  flexibility in meeting client requirements.
KADLEC Associates Corrosion Engineers


Our cathodic protection designs are carefully engineered, complete with all drawings and specifications needed for installation.

Designs are developed to provide the maximum effectiveness and flexibility with the most economical installation.

Cathodic Protection Maintenance

To insure proper operation and to comply with DOT and EPA Regulations, cathodic protection requires periodic testing and maintenance. Changing conditions require adjustments, and accurate records are required for regulatory compliance.

Kadlec Associates provides testing and maintenance programs for cathodic protection systems. Each program is tailored to be economical and effective. We plan and conduct long term maintenance programs or inspect individual installations.

Pre-construction Site Survey

The pre-construction site corrosion survey for new facilities is a valuable service for architects and engineers.

By conducting the survey during the planning phase of your project, the report can be used as a guide to avoid built-in corrosion problems and to specify mitigative procedures. Application of corrosion control measures will result in savings for the owner through lower operating, maintenance and repair costs.

Corrosion Investigations

Investigations are necessary where corrosion has become a safety or economic problem. We provide field consultation for corrosion testing and analysis, cathodic protection, stray current electrolysis and other conditions.

The corrosion history and test data are combined with environmental evaluations to determine the cause of corrosion and the most effective methods for mitigation. Alternatives and costs are evaluated to develop corrosion control recommendations.

Listing of Corrosion Services:

KACE (Kadlec Associates Corrosion Engineers) provides corrosion engineering & cathodic protection services worldwide. A partial listing of services provided is listed below.

Corrosion Certification
KACE project managers are NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) certified at various levels up to and including corrosion specialist. A registered professional engineer and corrosion specialist reviews all complex designs. Operator Qualification is certified by NCCER and ISNET World maintains records. Operator Qualification is also maintained by MEA.

Turnkey Cathodic Protection Services
KACE turnkey cathodic protection services for pipelines, aboveground and underground storage tanks, on ground and elevated water tanks, piers/wharfs, and other structures include the following: Field survey, design (specification/drawing/cost estimate preparation), materials, installation, energize/adjustment, stray current evaluation, ECDA (External Corrosion Direct Assessment), troubleshooting, upgrade/repair, maintenance and bid evaluations as necessary. Drawings are prepared in AutoCAD and submitted electronically in AutoCAD and/or PDF format.

Military/Department of Defense
KACE has extensive experience providing corrosion and cathodic protection engineering services for Military and other Government Facilities. Our projects include designs of cathodic protection systems, uprgade/repair cathodic protection systems, corrosion surveys, close interval surveys, cathodic protection evaluations, API 651 inspections, coating inspections/surveys, failure investigations and cathodic protection maintenance for pipelines, underground and aboveground storage tanks, sewage facilities, power generating facilities, elevated and on ground water storage tanks, steam and high temperature hot water lines, chilled water lines, sewage lift stations, hydraulic elevator and hoist cylinders, dock and pier structures, electric and communication cables, steel and reinforced concrete piles, floating structures, dry dock gates and other facilities.

Close Interval Survey/Coating Survey/PCM
CIS (Close Interval Surveys) are a specialty of KACE. We are a leader in this highly specialized discipline and have designed and built our own portable cathodic protection field computers. They are designed specifically for close interval cathodic protection surveys and allow us to perform these surveys to virtually any specification. Rectifier interrupted surveys are conducted using GPS controlled interrupters. Stationing, GPS coordinates, depth of cover, and potentials are recorded and submitted in Excel format. We have conducted close interval surveys for over 15,000 miles of pipelines. KACE coating survey services include ACVG (Alternating Current Voltage Gradient) and DCVG (Direct Current Voltage Gradiant) surveys. KACE offers PCM (Pipeline Current Mapper) surveys to locate buried electrical shorts, buried bonds, coating defects.

Rectifier Interrupted Survey
KACE has over 25 interrupters, all synchronized to GPS, for use during interrupted surveys. Additional interrupters are obtained on an as needed basis.

Deep-Well Anode Bed Design & Installation Services
Kadlec Associates has designed and installed several hundred deep-well anode beds ranging from 50 to 400 deep. Deep-well drilling is subcontracted.

Test Wire, Reference Electrode, Coupon & Test Station Installation
Test wires, reference electrodes, and coupons are installed using a standard backhoe or vacuum excavation. An ultrasonic thickness tester is used on all pipes before cad-welding.

Induced AC Services
KACE offers AC mitigation services for pipelines in parallel right-of-ways with high voltage power lines. AC potential surveys are conducted and AC modeling is simulated as required. Surge arrestors, decouplers, capacitors, zinc ribbon and zinc mats are installed to mitigate excessive steady state AC voltage levels.

Marker Replacement & Right-of-Way Survey
KACE offers right-of-way evaluations including GPS coordinates and digital pictures of all necessary corrections. The pipeline is located and markers are installed where needed.

Above Ground Storage Tanks
KACE has designed and installed several hundred under tank cathodic protection systems for existing above ground storage tank bottoms. These systems include reference cell and horizontal anode installation. Our largest project to date consisted of installing horizontal systems under 63 tanks ranging in size from 50 to 280 diameter. Directional drilling is subcontracted. Kadlec has also designed and installed cathodic protection systems in conjunction with tank bottom replacement and during new tank construction.

DOT/EPA/State Compliance
For compliance with DOT, EPA, and State regulations, KACE provides corrosion and cathodic protection engineering, design, survey, operation/maintenance, repair and installation services for Aboveground Storage Tanks (AST's) and associated piping, Underground Storage Tanks (UST's) and associated piping, and Underground Pipelines and associated storage. We have extensive experience with both existing and new facilities including:
· Over 800 AST's     · Over 600 UST's     · Over 50,000 miles of Pipelines

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